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What should you be asking a mortgage specialist you’re thinking of working with? Some people do little more than search for “find a mortgage broker near me” and choose the first one on the list. But don’t do that! Ask important questions.

You need to work with a mortgage advisor who has your best interests in mind. Find out what types of questions will help you select just the right broker to work with.

What’s Currently Available In Terms Of Conventional Loans?

There are big differences between standard, conventional loans, and you rely on the expertise of your mortgage broker to dig deeply and discover what these differences are, finding the loan that’s right for you.

What’s more, your mortgage specialist needs to be able to explain to you what sets apart one conventional loan from another. You need to fully understand the benefits (and disadvantages) of going with a 15-year mortgage, for example, versus a 30-year loan. The distinctions can affect your finances significantly, so you’ll want to be informed.

What Are The Going Mortgage Rates?

Mortgage rates change from month to month, and from one year to the next. What are the current rates? Should you lock in now, or wait another week or two? Your broker can guide you on this matter to help you find and get the lowest mortgage rates possible.

What Can I Do To Qualify For A Conventional Loan?

These days, it can be a challenge to qualify for a conventional home loan, or any loan, for that matter. That’s where the right mortgage broker can come in and be of tremendous service. They can look at your whole financial picture and help you make any necessary changes that will make it easier for you to qualify. They can also help you pinpoint and share information on your application that you might not even realize would be relevant in the eyes of a lending institution.

Do I Qualify For Special Programs?

You may or may not know that, in addition to conventional loans, special programs exist that you may qualify for, making it easier for you to get a loan. These are just some of the options that are available:

  • VA Loan
  • FHA Loan
  • USDA Loan
  • First-time Buyer Programs
  • Other Incentives

Ask your broker if you qualify for any special lending programs here in Texas or in your state.

How Will You Save Me Money?

A mortgage broker who can save you money on closing costs, as well as over the life of your loan, is worth their weight in gold! Find out how your mortgage specialist can help you cut costs. Don’t be shy about asking!

Will You Respond To Me In A Timely Manner?

In the world of real estate, things can move quickly, and waiting too long can lead to missed opportunities and the home of your dreams going to someone else. You need to work with a broker who will respond to your requests quickly, especially when time is of the essence regarding a property you’re interested in purchasing.

How Can I Reach You?

You really don’t want to work with a faceless online entity that may or may not even be legitimate! Work with a real organization and a real person who is invested in your success. You should be able to reach this individual by email and telephone. Accessibility is an important quality in a good mortgage broker.

See The Manuel Mortgage Difference!

Now that you know what types of questions to ask, we invite you to contact Manuel Mortgage and see the difference that we can make for you! Whether it’s qualifying for conventional loans, pinpointing lower mortgage rates, exploring other types of loans, or getting the level of customer service you deserve, we feel that you’ll find working with Manuel Mortgage to be a step above! For all your home mortgage needs, contact us today!