Regardless of the name, jumbo loans are nothing to be intimidated by. They are simply the type of loan that allows you to get funding beyond the conventional loan limits set in most areas of the country. Whether you are looking for a luxury home, or reside in an area that has been designated as a high-priced market, jumbo loans allow those with higher credit scores and low debt ratios to purchase residential property regardless of the local limit.

Offering more competitive terms on larger loan amounts, our Jumbo loan programs are available with both fixed rate and adjustable rate options. Qualified borrowers can also apply for interest-only loans, ensuring lower monthly payments and increased cash flow.

We invite you to contact Manuel Mortgage to see if a jumbo loan is right for you. As mortgage brokers specializing in loan products available in Texas, we can work with you to find the optimal loan options to meet your needs, whether it’s a jumbo loan, a conventional loan, or something else. Reach out to us today!