Chris Nooney 

Branch Manager / Certified Mortgage Planner
NMLS# 179371
Goldwater Bank, N.A. – Mortgage Division
Corporate NMLS# 452955
11950 Grant Road; Cypress, TX 77429
Direct: 281.888.0350 | Cell: 832.725.5535
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As Vice President and Certified Mortgage Planner with Goldwater Bank, Chris brings to our team a nationally recognized Top 200 producer status by the Scotsman Guide. His approach to the mortgage industry is unique as he is innovative in lending, offering an approach which is rare within today’s cookie-cutter practices. By teaching each client how to utilize their mortgage as a financial tool while also emphasizing on eliminating debt, Chris is able to help people maximize their investment and retirement accounts while also establishing College Funds. With an extensive economics depth of knowledge, Chris understands and communicates the market’s current trends to strategize a fully comprehensive and catered approach for each individual.

Chris is available to help you find the right conventional loan with the most prime mortgage rates possible for you! He’ll also help you determine if you qualify for any of our other attractive loan products.

Michael Zugheri

Production Manager
NMLS  179379
Goldwater Bank, N.A. – Mortgage Division
Corporate NMLS# 452955
11950 Grant Road; Cypress, TX 77429
Office  929.202.7527 (Temporary)
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I was born in Milan, Italy and immigrated here with my parents as an infant. I became a naturalized citizen at the age of 18 to avoid a two-year military commitment in Italy! I would have gone through the process anyway, but this made it more urgent. I am a graduate of St. Thomas High School and Letourneau University. My wife and I have two daughters, Lauren and Emma.

I got into the mortgage business by accident, as most people do, it seems. I was in-between jobs and my brother had a small mortgage company and needed someone to answer the phones. I went in one day and kept coming back! I answered phones and did whatever else was needed. I really liked the energy. I asked a lot of questions and absorbed any conversation I could hear. This went on for a year. One day, a new loan originator came in to the office. He quickly introduced himself and began closing mortgage loans. His name is Chris Nooney. We began working together shortly thereafter and have continued for the last 15 years.

Chris is a nationally recognized Mortgage Loan Originator. Since 2006, Chris has consecutively been ranked in the Nation’s Top 1% Loan Originators. He has been asked to speak on industry panels on a few occasions. Within the next three to five years, his personal production will exceed 1 billion dollars. Very few originators approach this level.

We currently operate a Loan Production Office for an FDIC insured bank. Our business model is one of high service and excellence. We pride ourselves on our financial approach to lending and our sound, personalized mortgage structuring. We employ some of the best operations people and originators and work for an outstanding bank-backed company. Simply put, we love what we do! Contact me for assistance with conventional loans, FHA loans, VA loans, or any of our offerings.

Camela Orallo 

Client Relations Associate
Manuel Mortgage Team, Goldwater Bank, N.A.
11950 Grant Rd. Cypress, TX 77429
Direct: 281-817-86670

My years of experience as a Client Services Professional makes me the perfect fit as our team’s Client Relations Associate for Manuel Mortgage Team, Goldwater Bank, N.A.. I’m there from the initial contact and help set the expectation during the process. Our goal is for the client to have the best mortgage experience. I make sure that everyone is treated with the utmost respect, sincerity, and professionalism whenever I communicate and provide assistance to our clients.

Being persistent on every challenge at work and in life made me stronger and a better person for my family, friends, and associates. I started my own family early in life, which gave me more strength to get where I wanted to be. My life experience taught me so many things that have lead to where I am right now. My husband and I are working hard to provide for our family and our daughter’s future. I love spending time with them and doing things together, like watching movies and going out of town. Just like for everyone else, family is what gives me strength and the will to keep moving forward.